My work in textiles covers a wide range of materials and techniques. It is often inspired by historical and archaeological research blended with my own practical experiments and craftsmanship.


I love the colour and pattern available in patchwork. I use this technique in the true, original sense of the work - to make use of small scraps of fabric stitched together to produce a new design. This technique combines many of the elements I am concerned with in craftwork - expression through pattern and colour, decorative elements and consideration for the environment by not wasting resources.

Example of patchwork

Embroidery and Applique

These terms are used broadly - exploring many yarns, threads, fabrics and other materials.

wall hanging exploring various techniques


This offers another opportunity to explore colour, pattern and texture.
Various techniques such as hooking, crochet and plaiting are used to create rugs from remnants of fabric and wool.

hooked technique rug detail


I handspin wool which is most often knitted into garments, sometimes felted or used in weavings, embroidery and rugs.

Natural Dyes

Researching these and undertaking my own dyeing techniques has become totally absorbing. I only use plant materials that I can grow myself or gather when plants are being cut back. The dyes are processed to have minimum impact on the environment and the residue can be returned to the garden via the compost heap

hand knitted garments

dogwood trimmings ready for dye test

Dogwood offcuts ready for testing

cushion detail

Quilt detail

patchwork quilt

wall hanging detail

rag rug sample

hooked technique rug

Basket of natural dyed wools
Balls of natural dyed wool
Dye plant woad in flower

Woad flowers (above) and seedheads (below)
dye plant woad seed